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Comfort Touch

  • 120° opening angle of the ergonomically designed handle provides ease of operation. Quality ceramic cartridge ensures high durability.

Concealed Aerator

  • Concealed aerator provides the complete list of benefits from water saving, increased filtration, splash reduction to aesthetics.

Fine Solid Brass

  • Made from high quality brass through environmentally friendly production processes.

Double Coating

  • Higher durability and improved resistance to corrosion is achieved through double coating.

Salt Spray Test

  • Lasting shine and corrosion resistant chromed surface is proven through rigorous 24 hours salt spray test.

Flow rate

  • Less than 6 L. / min. 


    • Regular cleaning of taps and fittings is important to prevent any build-up of limescale.

    • Make sure that the cleaning products you use are suitable for the application in question.

    • Never leave cleaning products to work for longer than necessary.

    • Use a soft cloth to wipe off drops of water after each use. Remove any remnants of toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel or liquid soap quickly to avoid any damage.

    • Never spray cleaning solution directly onto taps or fittings. Spray it onto the soft cleaning cloth instead.

    • Do not use any cleaning agents that contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid or acetic acid as these can lead to product damage. The same applies to chlorine-based bleach cleaning agents.

    • Never mix cleaning products.

    • Do not use any abrasive products or tools (scouring cream, microfiber cloths).