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Warranty period

Ceramic Parts : Water Closet / Washbasin / Urinal / Accessories

10 years

Seat & Cover / Fittings / Other Parts

1 years

Cover plate / Concealed Cistern / Faucets / Shower

2 years

Ceramic valve

10 years (for Public Area 2 years)


Warranty conditions :

  • Warranty is applicable to damages caused by production and from normal use only.
  • The warranty is valid on product that are installed and maintained according to nahm installation manual. The product may not be subject to any alteration which is not contained in the installation manual accompanying the product.
  • The warranty is limited to the repair or exchange of products supplied by nahm. Consequential damage and installation or removal costs are not covered by the warranty. nahm is not responsible for the consequences of negligent installation or usage.
  • Customer will be requested to provide proof of purchase to obtain warranty service.
Service fee & Spare parts
                Service fee (THB)  Spare Part Charge Remark      
Valid warranty period                          Free Free -
Invalid warranty period
  Type : Water Closet / Washbasin / Urinal / Accessories
  • Repair or general service                   

Please ask with customer service

General repair, modify or service. 
Exclude removing toilet tank or any components. 
  • Replace tank components
400 Replace tank components without 
removing toilet tank.
  • Replace seat and seat cover
400 -
  • Removing toilet tank to change its components
500 -
  • Removing toilet to check or change its components
1,500 -
  Type : Faucet
  • Replace taps
600 - Water inlet hose, stop valve and
plumbing system will provide by  customer. 
  • Replace hand shower / shower rail or rain shower 
700 - Plumbing system will provide by customer. 

*For service fee is starting cost per installation point and include vat7%
*This price does not include the cost of spare parts and transportation service fee.

Transportation service fee

  • The distance (round trip) is not over than 40 km.  The travel rate is 300 baht.
  • Excess distance from 40 km. (round trip), the travel fee is 6 baht per kilometer.

Round trip from service center to the customer's house is 60 kilometers.
Transportation service fee : 
(300 baht for the first 40 kilometers) + (20 kilometers x 6 baht) = 300 baht + 120 baht = 420 baht



Nahm reserves the right to change any information or services without prior notice.

* Warranty and service is only valid on products purchase within Thailand.

After sales service

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(08.30 am.- 5.30 pm.)


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