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Shower System Single Lever Mixer


Flow Rate

  • Hand Shower : less than 8 L. / min. 
    Head Shower : less than 9 L. / min.

Minimal Design

  • The essential form of the handshower grip fits instinctively.

Flex Nozzles

  • Limescale removal simplified by rubbing on the flexible spray nozzles.

Variable Hook

  • Adjustable holder to provide the perfect showering angle for every individual.

Premium Hose

  • High quality, coated shower hose ensures ease of cleaning and prevents dirt accumulation.

Anti-Twist Hose

  • Pivot connector allows free movement during usage and prevents entanglement.

Click Tech

  • Conveniently switch between 3 spray types with the touch of a button.

    Intense Rain : Luxurious spray that awakens all 5 senses.

    Relaxing : Gentle caressing spray completes daily pampering routine.

    Massage Jet : Focused spray that relieves tension and reduce fatigue.

Salt Spray Test

  • Lasting shine and corrosion resistant chromed surface is proven through rigorous 24 hours salt spray test.


    • Regular cleaning of taps and fittings is important to prevent any build-up of limescale.

    • Make sure that the cleaning products you use are suitable for the application in question.

    • Never leave cleaning products to work for longer than necessary.

    • Use a soft cloth to wipe off drops of water after each use. Remove any remnants of toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel or liquid soap quickly to avoid any damage.

    • Never spray cleaning solution directly onto taps or fittings. Spray it onto the soft cleaning cloth instead.

    • Do not use any cleaning agents that contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid or acetic acid as these can lead to product damage. The same applies to chlorine-based bleach cleaning agents.

    • Never mix cleaning products.

    • Do not use any abrasive products or tools (scouring cream, microfiber cloths).