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Seat & Cover Urea (Urea-Formaldehyde) Material (anti-Bacteria)

  • Seat & Cover Urea (Urea-Formaldehyde) anti-bacteria and UV protection.

Elongated Seat & Cover

Silver Nano Anti-Bac

  • Anti-Bac reduces growth of bacteria on ceramic surfaces.

Dual Flush 3/4.5 L. Wash Down

  • 3/4.5 Liters dual flushing system with more efficiency to clean and control water usage.

Ergo Comfort

Click & Clean with Anti-Bac Seat & Cover

  • Anti-Bac seat cover detaches with just one click for easy and effective cleaning.

Soft Closing Seat & Cover

  • Designed to reduce impact thus allowing noiseless and long lasting usage.


  • P-Trap 180 MM.


  • 380 x 715 x 805 MM.


    Toilet : Clean outside toilet surface regularly with cloth moistened with mild soapy water or mild cleaning agent. Then dry with a soft cloth. For inside area of the toilet bowl, please use a soft brush moistened with soapy water or cleaning agent. Please do not use harsh chemicals as it can damage to the surface. 
    Warning : Do not use in-tank toilet cleaners as they can damage the flush valve and other parts

    Seat and Cover : Clean seat and Cover with soft cloth moistened with dishwashing liquid and water or mild soapy water. Then dry with soft cloth and let the seat and hinge area air-dry completely. 
    Warning : Do not use harsh chemicals to clean seat and cover as it can cause color distortion